Ladyboy Tao Fucks Her Asshole With Anal Beads!

Ladyboy Tao
Ladyboy Tao sexy ass in t-back panties!

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Ladyboy Tao once again spreading her booty!

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Ladyboy Tao flashes us her boobs!

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Ladyboy Tao flashes us her cock this time around!

Ladyboy Tao Asshole
Ladyboy Tao kneels on the floor and spreads her ass again, I think she wants your cock in there!

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Ladyboy Tao masturbating by fingering her asshole!

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Ladyboy Tao has her sex toy all ready for use!

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Ladyboy Tao inserts her anal beads up her asshole!

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Ladyboy Tao just loves to show off her asshole after she abuses it!

Ladyboy Tao with just a little dress in removes her panties and fucks her ass with her Pink anal beads!

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One thought on “Ladyboy Tao Fucks Her Asshole With Anal Beads!”

  1. Leslie says:

    Tao has such a precious little dick. Reminds me of a shack job I had in Thailand many, many years ago. Got into the Ladyboy scene by mistake one night and kept her on full time for over a year.

    She was such a petite thing just under 5 ft tall and 90 lbs. But the big attraction was her lovely little dick. It was smaller than a cigarette filter but had a very huge mega foreskin that hung more than an inch past the end of her tiny tool.

    She had taken too many bootleg hormones and had great difficult;tly getting an erection. Only after extended foreplay would her little thing erect. When hard the little thing did not grow, it just became hard and the long foreskin still hung well past the end. Sucking and chewing on it was a delicious treat. In the entire time she stayed with me she only came three times. But they were full squirts that filled her tight little foreskin and shoot out everywhere.

    I had such fun with that little thing. It was our favorite toy. She would hold the foreskin closed when she peed and it would balloon up the size of a lemon. She would then slowly release the pee and it would spray clear across the room.

    But all got things come to an end and I let her go after about a year and moved on.

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